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Hello, my name is Varad (वरद), pronounced as V-uh-r-uh-d. I will be joining Tata Research & Innovation Labs in September 2021. My breadth search over the past four years, resulted in me developing interests in domains at the intersection of mathematics, deep learning, and algorithm optimization. This brought me to work in the domain of Meta Learning.

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I completed my Bachelors in Electronics & Communication Engineering from Indian Institute of Information Technology, Nagpur (IIITN). I worked in the domain of Algorithmic Game Theory (COMSOC, precisely) under the guidance of Dr. Neeldhara Misra at IIT Gandhinagar. I was also fortunate to research at HLP Lab, University of Pennsylvania supervised by Dr. Graciela Gonzalez-Hernandez in a field at an intersection of NLP, Data mining, and AI for Healthcare. Finally, I was hosted by Dr. Rekha Singhal at Tata R&I Computing Systems Lab where I researched in the domain of meta learning and algorithm optimization.

Meta Learning / NLP / Algorithmic Game Theory / AI for Healthcare


  1. I will be joining Tata R&I Labs in September 2021.
  2. I attended NAACL-HLT Conference at Mexico City, Mexico virtually. I also presented my work on Classification of Health Related Tweets at SMM4H Workshop, cohosted at NAACL.
  3. I completed my bachelors in Electronics & Communication Engineering.


I was born in a serene city called Nagpur, India. I grew up listening to Itihasas (historical texts), and Puranas (Folklore). This made me to be self aware and conscious of my existence from a young age. And so, I like talking to people and visiting different places to discover my role in the greater plan of nature. Thus, it has always been my dream to travel a lot, and observe different traditions, people, and their way of living. Along with that, I also developed interest in trekking.

Shoot me a message anytime if you want to talk with me regarding anything! I would love to have a talk with you over a cup of coffee 😊

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What I understand is that life is a journey. Every turn in the path leads to a new scenery. My footprints exist on that path, and as to whether they are deep or shallow, it doesn’t matter. All the decisions were mine to make. - Er Gen