Signals & Systems Course Fall’19

Course, Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering, IIITN, 2019

I was a teaching assistant for the Signals & Systems Course offered by Department of ECE in Fall’19. The course was taught by Dr. Ankit Bhurane, who was the HoD of ECE Department at that time. The duration of the course was 3 months, from 5th Aug 2019 - 04th Dec 2019.

ACM-W Summer School on Algorithmic Game Theory

Summer School, Department of Computer Science, IIT Gandhinagar, 2019

I was a volunteer cum teaching assistant at the ACM-W Summer School on Algorithmic Game Theory. The summer school was organized by ACM and Dr. Neeldhara Misra at IIT Gandhinagar from 2th July 2019 - 14th July 2019.