Signals & Systems Course Fall’19

Course, Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering, IIITN, 2019

I was a teaching assistant for the Signals & Systems Course offered by Department of ECE in Fall’19. The course was taught by Dr. Ankit Bhurane, who was the HoD of ECE Department at that time. The duration of the course was 3 months, from 5th Aug 2019 - 04th Dec 2019.

My duties were not limited to only clearing doubts, organizing tutorial sessions, but also included setting practice question banks, and helping the professor with setting quiz questions. I also helped a fellow TA to made notes on IIR Filters. You can check them here. You may also want to check out the lecture series on Signals & Systems by Dr. Ankit Bhurane on YouTube and have an overview of the course.

If you are interested in solving a few problems based on the topics covered in the lecture, do have a look at the question bank we made. As usual, if you want to know regarding anything else, drop a message below 😇.

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